About Me - Balázs 🙂

I love to communicate and help. A passion for sharing Information and building Web Projects was born when I was in High School. Posting Recepies on my self built HTML Website and later Blogging on a Netbook Portal. Soon my own Blogs followed with also selling two of them and succesfully launching more in other Countries. Also expanding to Video and finding new love in the moving Pictures Art. Consulting in Social Media and helping new Brands build new Websites and Presences on the Internet while traveling the World to produce Video Tech News is my current form of Living.

Here is what I do and how my Team and I can help!


While Millenials do everything online, there is still some basics to every new idea or Marketing Launch. We are still familiar with Print, TV and other “old school” Media that is not yet dead and help you get also to the new, fresh and young audience out there.

Let us show you with Video, Blogging, Web-Develepment, and Design Knowledge how we can help, or just ask us for a Custom Consulting in Social Media.


We are Blogging since 2006 and will do so as long our Fingers let us. This is the most honest and best way to get peoples attention for brilliant Content. Great Products, Services and Places need great Attention, and we will put the digital Ink to it’s best use.

Stay tuned at scroll on!

Video Content

First came Images and than came text. While we started typing before shooting film, this has also been now in our Bloodstream since 2009. Perfecting Shooting at bad situations like Events and Congresses and trying to always catch the right Content for our viewers.

Over 15.000 Videos cannot be wrong!


If we write and we shoot we can also sell! We have been developing and launching brands, websites and products for over 10 years. Contact us if you want to be successful with your idea and we will help you bring it to life.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Projects / Travels / Ideas

Life is not only about work, for most people! When I travel I work. When I am home I work even more and when there is bad weather, I am happy to be able work more. If you define work with fun and laughter you can have the same. Our pictures and videos will resamble that mainly.



The Team

People are coming and going but there is always are core team that gets everything done. If I am note answering than you will from some of these gals. Best People in the world and a pleasure to work with every day. Maybe more to come soon?!

BALAZS / Founder

BALAZS / Founder

Excited to work with new people, products, projects and just everything that was not made for people yesterday. Loves to travel, wakeboard, swim, e-Ride and wants to learn to Kitesurf.

Zsofia / Camera

Zsofia / Camera

Has seen new places like Taiwan, California and has been through some craziness in her first 12 Month with us. Excited to film, learn, and see more of everything that is happening. Also loves fashion and anywhere warm.

LORAND / Developer

LORAND / Developer

Brothers help each other out so Lorand is building gadgets, rooting Hardware and keeps everything running at home, while the little brother is off to work all around the world. But sometimes a visit to Taiwan or Barcelona is also in the books.


For years I have known Balazs and it still blows my mind each time, when he starts of shooting in thee languages at a conference. Something mindblowing about keeping everything in mind and shooting short and precise Videos about new products.

It is great to see how quickly and in how many languages Balazs and is Crew is getting Videos online rapidly. Finally somebody who brings news to the masses from all angles and with high speed.

Have known Balazs since he started and am happy for him that his success is growing. One of the best Bloggers to work with and cannot wait to see what he will start next.

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